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Noise Reduction in LR

My camera model is a few years old now, and although Canon have always had a reputation for producing low noise images, it has to be said that the 1DMkIIN is not now the best on the block when using high ISO's

I've just completed a 2 day event working for a major UK transport company, held within a large local hotel. Photos had to be taken throughout the event, and over 600 were taken. The majority of these were taken between ISO 1000 and 1600, mostly ISO 1600. Not only this but the Raw files had the exposure increased by anything up to +1 stop which effectively is making it ISO 3200 !!

You just have to do it, as the alternative is to not get the shot, or use too slow a shutter speed. I was using a monopod much of the time with a 70-200 f2.8 lens and using 1/45-1/60 sec a lot of the time at anywhere from f2.8 to f4 There was no extra lighting so you can see I was up against it.

Shooting as such high ISO levels obviously produces more than the usual noise levels, esp colour noise. Bear in mind however that most of the images would never be used at any great size, and when used for web sites, its often difficult to see much of this noise. I have found however that the noise reduction functions of Lightroom do a great job of negating the problems of high iso levels. I was able to increase the Luminance slider to 25 and colour noise slider to 50, then using the Sync function apply it to all the selected 428 images in one go in a matter of seconds, how cool is that. I was able to select, adjust, edit, crop etc etc all the images the following day using Lightroom 2 only. I love this program

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