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Re: tips needed for taking photos of the full solar eclipse

i should add, that as long as you have a solar filter over the lens of the camera, looking through the viewfinder is absolutely fine. i do this with my scope with the magnification up at around 200x, but as the baader film has cut out 99.999% of the light, there is no problem.

you should check the filter for defects first though. hold it up to the sun and if you can see any pinholes of light coming through, do NOT use it. if you really have no other option, tiny holes can be repaired with small pieces of pvc / tank tape placed over the hole, however the image will probably degrade a bit.

don't forget to get yourself a pair of eclipse glasses. these are made from baader film, and will allow you to see the eclipse for yourself rather than on a camera screen / viewfinder.

if you can't get a filter for the camera, an alternative is to project the image of the sun onto a white piece of card / paper and photograph that. there's enough stuff on the web describing how to do this.

finally, while the sun is not fully covered, have a look at the shadows that are cast by objects around you that have holes in them - the gaps between leafs on trees, the holes in woven chair seats, a piece of card with numerous holes in it - and try to photo them if you can. it's worth it!

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