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Sigma 105 AF problem

Sorry if this is in wrong section and that its a long explanation.

I have had a Sigma 105 on various Olympus cameras and got some great macro shots...hand held and on tripod. Depending on the Olympus model it will have I.S. as its built into the cameras.
From time to time I had strange things happen.....I would be on AF and I would focus onto a subject and if it moved I would try again and nothing would happen...I tried turning camera off and on but still nothing.Eventually I put it in manual and focus in as best I could and then back to AF and it would work again once only and I have to go through the procedure all over good when after a
It got really bad the other day on the E600 and I was well peed off......I changed lens for some landscapes the next day before going back to between I fully charged the batteries. It has worked over the last few days so I thought it was the battery.....or maybe it got a better connection this time.
During the time it was playing up I bid on a canon one for the 7D I have and I won it but felt it was not wanted as the Oly one was O.K. now.
Anyhow the Canon one came late today and I tried it ....its totally crap and does the same as the Oly one - I almost threw it in the pond........I know it was 2nd hand but suppose I should have known it would be the same.
So 2 systems without a good 'un at all.
No way could I afford to get them fixed but if I had known the price of the Canon one might have got the Oly one fixed....if they are broken that is.
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