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Re: Printing problems!

Originally Posted by Garry View Post
Thanks for this, Patrick

A lot there for me to take in!

Point taken on sRGB. Will adjust that!

I am using an HP printer that is hard wired into my PC. But wireless for the rest of the family. It probably isn't the photographers choice of printer, but I had to take the families needs into account.
I Have been using HP everyday glossy, as this is already profiled into the printer.
I cant remember is I turned off colour management or not. I will try that tomorrow.
I have also been advised to use Permajet by another photographer. Will give that a try.

The way that I have been getting over the problem till now is.

Process the photo as normal. Then make a copy and bring the brightness right up. Then save the copy and print from that.
Not very satisfactory, and not very precise.

Again. Thanks. Will try out your suggestions tomorrow. Have already reduced the brightness on my monitor from 90 to 70. Doesn't look much different to be honest.
Or I have just got used to it fast!
As a work round for the time being, only if you are using an edit program with layers, Photoshop, PS Elements, Paintshop Pro, there are others around.
Adjust your image the way you want it, then add a layer to compensate for your printing. Save the layer and add it to other images when printing, worked for me some years ago when I was having trouble, or simply make a note of the compensation that works and apply it every time you print, but undo before saving otherwise those images won't print correctly when you sort things out.

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