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Re: Printing problems!

Originally Posted by Garry View Post
Hi Roger

I use sRGB all the way through, as my camera is sRGB. I process and save in sRGB and the printer settings are sRGB.

I only use genuine manufacturers paper and ink.
I would suggest you change the settings on your camera to RGB rather than sRGB this is for web purposes and has a narrower color gamut. RGB has a wider color gamut. The RGB can always be changed to sRGB for publishing to the web

It shouldn't make any difference to quality using third party papers or third party inks, providing profiles are made. Although in the case of ink its probably best to use the genuine ones if you are not sure of the quality of third party inks, avoid at all cost cheap third party inks.

If you are using genuine ink & paper the profiles provided by the print manufacturer should give satisfactory results, you don't mention the make of printer. If you have to change you monitor to print, or adjust your printer away from the correct profile for the paper used then you definitely need to profile monitor and printer. I have a profile for each type of paper I use usualy Permajet, Royal, Permajet Distinction or for art paper Permajet Museum Classic. All top quality papers and expensive.
I have spent many hours, paper and ink on printing over the years and one thing has become clear CONSISTENCY, and the best possible quality of paper with good profiles. Manufacturers such as the aforementioned Permajet, and others like Fotospeed will make custom profiles free for their own papers, you simply download the target file and print according to instruction and post it back to them, they email the profile.
A thought comes to mind, best prints are obtained by setting up the printer the best way. I use as stated an Epson I always set manage by Photoshop, select my chosen profile and switch OFF colour management. There is a very good reason for this if colour management is not switched off any print profiles selected (even the generic ones supplied with the printer) may clash with management settings and give incorrect and inconsistent results.

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