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Re: Printing problems!

Originally Posted by Garry View Post
Hi guy's

I, like thousands of others, am having colour management problems.

What I see on my monitor, is not what I get in print.
I have read numerous threads in various forums including here about this problem. I have found a way of sorting the problem for myself. But it is a bit hit and miss, and I would rather have something a little more exact.

I have been advised that the Colormunki Photo is very good, in that it not only profiles the monitor, but that it profiles your printer in line with the monitor.

These are not cheap. But would be worth every penny, if they work.

Has anyone here used or have experience with the Colormunki Photo, Please?
I can confirm how good the Colormunki is. The Photo club where I am a member has one to lend to members for a small fee.
I have profiled my iMac, and made print profiles for my Epson 2880 very successfully. I had a Spyder Pro monitor & print profiling kit also very good but the Colormunki I found better and easier to use.

One of the problems many is having the setting of the screen monitor too bright (factory settings). Tone it down, it may seem flat and lifeless at first but very quickly you adjust and your printing may improve even without profiling.

I your finances can stand it go for the Colormunki.

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