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Angry When you have a bad day....

Thought I'd take a few pictures of garden birds this morning as the sun was out.

I took 110 photos (I'm trigger happy) over an hour or so and then took my memory card to my computer. Before I copied the images to my PC I renamed the folder they were in, as is my usual way of working, then I was distracted by a phone call.

Five minutes later I was back at my PC and deleted the folder on the memory card. Then realised I hadn't copied the folder to my HDD...twit I thought, but they should be simple to recover. Long story short, several free recovery programs refused to play ball and I ended up paying good money for a program (Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery). This worked (but took a good hour or so - not sure why they named it "Stellar"!). I also ended up with 620 files instead of the expected 110. It appeared that there were a lot of jpg versions (originals were RAW) which I assumed were the embedded preview / thumbnail images.

Imported them all into Lightroom and eventually discarded the jpgs.

As I sat back thinking what a PIA that had been and a waste of time on a sunny day....I suddenly thought..

I'd been using my recently acquired 7D Mark 2. Which, for those that don't know, has two card a copy of the images were.... all on the other card noooooooo..

A real Doh! moment....I won't do that again!

Stuart R

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