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Re: Haptic shots

Originally Posted by Kurt View Post
Hi Silo,

As you said we are affected by memory and past experience, the sight of snow and ice crystals immediately take me to my childhood snd the sensation of catching snow on one's tongue, or breaking off ice and licking it. To me the water looks clear, although there is detritus at the bottom of the pool. This is the only shot of this I have.

I do find the thread interesting, though and will look out for some more images that might qualify.

Thanks for the thread.

Hi Kurt,
bang on re memory and experience!
We're all uniquely wired by our nurture, but overlap in having broadly the same physical nature. I hope by knocking it back and forth that we can get a sense of where the line or overlap is, ...or just have fun with it :-)

eg here's a recent post from DPR that provoked a moments gulp from me.
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