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Re: Haptic shots

Hi Graham,
alright for some!... what was that green sauce?
funny how the flat perspective (and maybe white plate being like paper) pushes it nearer flat abstraction than "immersive" sensory confrontation for me, that said the peppered steak gets me salivating all on its' own!

Hi Kurt,
I find this one initially difficult, not sure why. perhaps because I've never seen ice quite like it. perhaps the apparent soft focus creates a kind of veil that keeps it slightly 'out of reach' or unreal. I find myself marvelling at the crystal patterns and getting distracted from the sensory implications of them. funny it's actually the water that gives me a shiver, It looks rank and I guess because I could touch the dry crystals without too much discomfort, but If I got my hand wet it would quickly freeze. My head tells me it must be cold but the immediate impact of the colours doesn't. Have you got similar shots with more blue/grey in?


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