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Re: Wide Angle Lens

Originally Posted by Autumn View Post

What should WA lenses really be used for?
Creative photography Audrey

Wide angle lenses are not just for use in tight spaces or photographing the big landscape. Its not just a case of trying to get more in the viewfinder.

You obviously bought it because you felt the field of vision on the G3 was lacking a bit. Of course its going to help you get more in the picture, especially when there is not room to get back far enough. Its not the ideal lens for photographing buildings unless you want to use the converging verticals and distortion they tend to create.

Wide angle lenses have other characteristics though that enable you to add some interest and dynamism to your shots. One of the main things for me is the greater depth of field they allow. This means for example that you can use foreground objects more creatively and keep them in focus as well as more distant things. This shot for example illustrates what I mean

This shot too simply wouldn't be possible with a standard or even medium wideangle. Yes you could get back further, but the whole perspective of the image would change, which is why longer lenses are usually used for portraits.

Here is another shot where the wideangle lens is used to create extreme depth of field and also to somewhat distort the foreground making it very prominent yet carry the eye over it to the distance. The perspective created with the WA can't be achieved with longer focal length lenses.

Another couple of shots just to emphasise the effect of of WA lenses. Hope they are all of some help and give you some ideas of how you can use the WA lens


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