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Re: Varifocal specs and online suppliers?

I suppose comparing varifocal glasses with single vision glasses is much like comparing zoom lenses with prime lenses. - Zooms, like varifocals, have better flexibility, while single vision glasses and prime lenses are (unsually) better optically.

At my stage in life, I am starting to become both long-sighted and short-sighted. I used to carry two sets of glasses around with me. - One for distance work and one for near work (reading or playing around with a computer). That became a bit inconvenient, as I quite often used to forget to carry both sets of glasses along with me.

About four years ago, my optometrist suggested varifocals. I decided to give them a try. Initially, I hated them. But then tilting my head slightly forwards or backwards slightly to obtain the best focus became second nature.

Now I am perfectly at home and don't even notice that I am using varifocals. I don't even take them off when I am taking photographs.


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