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Re: Hamilton's inexperience showed through today

Didn't I give Kimi full credit for the win? He had the car and he did exactly what he needed to do - end of story. It wasn't a race of glory, but he didn't really have the chance to do that anyway. I certainly wasn't taking anything away from him. What I was trying to say was that, given the circumastances, Alonso got the most out of his car and the reward was 2nd, probably the best he could have achieved, so a job well done, especially with qualifying (4 laps more fuel than Hamilton (not 3 as I originally said) and 2 more laps than Raikkonen. Lewis was clearly not on top of his car all weekend, but pole and to lead the race for the first stint wasn't too bad and great for the home crowd, but for the championship, Alonso definitely did the better job last weekend. No shame in that for Lewis - as long as he doesn't make a habit of it, which I hope he doesn't. And I don't think Massa had a perfect lap in qualifying, - indeed he should be marked down for that, no getting away from that, but the grid stall wasn't his fault and knowing how good his car was, he should really have been right up there with Kimi and I believe it wouldn't have been nearly as easy a victory with Massa in contention.

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