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Printing big!


I wanted to see how big my E-400 prints would go and after a discussion with my boss she allowed me to use our commercial printers.

I supplied the files and left them to it. I was surprised by the results!

Sorry for the i-Phone snaps, but you get the idea of the size.
The first two are both single shots: not panoramas. Petronas towers on the left (the print is 92cmx70cm.), and a boat at sunrise on the right - the OTT print!

The next is a multi-shot panorama from Indoneisa, so the size is less of a surprise!

But this shot is a crop of a single-shot and the clarity and detail is amazing. Looks great from 1m away!

This is another panorama - Bali sunrise.

Detail of Bali Sunrise - first the original jpeg, then a photo of the print from the same area to compare.

Again, the first is the original .jpeg, then a photo of the print in the same area.

Lastly, the original cropped single-shot of the pier, boat and Bali panorama.

I see people asking questions about print size. It seems that with a 10mpx camera and a decent printer, it's really a non-issue.
I have no idea what upscaling software they used, but the single-shot sizes are impressive - I have nowhere to put the OTT ones!

I hope this helps someone when considering the matter of large prints.

David. E-400, 9-18mm, Kit 14-42mm + 40-150mm, Fl36R and various kit. Always on a budget!

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