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Re: Aperture and Lightroom style workflow - for or against?

Just to clarify one point, you CAN (if you like) use Lightroom and preserve your preferred original or 'master' file storage location and structure preference, so that Lightroom only stores thumbnails and previews in its own database, so it's the same as Aperture in this respect.

I've not used Aperture myself but much of what I have read about Aperture seems very similar to Lightroom.

Other programs are now available that, to varying degrees, follow the example set by Lightroom and Aperture, like ACDSee Pro Photo Manager, and IDimager.


Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
Interesting to read the comments especially the none supportive comments - as far as I use Aperture - all the the non supportive comments are actually strengths in Aperture - it supports my library structure that I have used since I went Digital in 2000. I use the Referenced Masters process ie the master files do not inhabit the Aperture database (actually the database is more of a directory structure than a traditional database)

Yes it protects my master files from corruption and over writing.

It saves me drive space compared to my pre Aperture way of working where I kept a master copy, an edited copy and perhaps a subset of the edited files for printing or exporting to a web page program.

Less drive space means reduced back up times.

If I want to have a different interpretation of an image it will only occupy a small amount of disk space until I export it for printing or displaying.

I used to use JAlbum to create web pages - now I use Aperture

And as for processing a mass of images that require a similar amount of changing then the get the first one correct and then let the rest follow on is great and then just revisit the minority for final tweaking.

The discussions on the use of Raw rather than Jpeg used to intimidate me, however with Aperture it makes no difference as far as I am concerned (apart from the extra information I can get from RAW re Jpeg) the Raw image is as easily viewed as a Jpeg.

Regardless of the type of image I am taking eg family party, holiday or more formal function I take Raw images and let the computer take the strain.

Moving on to Aperture was a great leap forward to me.
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