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Re: tips needed for taking photos of the full solar eclipse

Many thanks for the informed advices.

Taking into the advices into consideration, I placed orders for a sun film sheet (B5 size=25x18cm) and a ND100000 filter at amazon and expect to receive them tommorow.
I'll cut the sheet so that it fits compact camera lens sizes and for 24mm lens. Instead of using two or a few ND400 filters in pairs, I finally chose to use a single ND100000 filter for an old 35-350mm zoom lens.
I thought first that I can use ND400 filters for other normal shot purposes but decided to concentrate on the eclipse shots.

The sun film sheet is not 100% effective against IR and the sun will be a bit redish.

About the exposure setting. When AE does not work properly then I have to use Manual Exposure. f1/8, 1/320 sec. to 1/640 sec, ISO 200 would be a benchmark? OF course, I will make a slight adjustment on the spot.
ND100000 reduces the sun light to 1/100000. No idea about the sun sheet.

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