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Re: Poll - is a hybrid camera in your future?

Originally Posted by Bob Ross View Post
HI Ian,
The weight thing about the Leica Ms isn't about the M8/9body, into which they have crammed everything and kept to the tradition, but it is in the lenses. The teles are bigger and heavy, but the wide and normal are very compact. I have a 28/2.8, 35/2 & 50/2 and they are buttons compared to their SLR cousins. And, of course, you wont find much plastic in the construction.
That is interesting about PMA. I have heard similar elsewhere and I wonder how the organizers rubbed the participant/exibitors the wrong way. There is that show in Tokyo...
I was going to ask, what camera you would grab on your way to PMA....a Hybrid? Would it be different for Tokyo?
Autumn's point is interesting, because on a forum such as this we'll probably hear from DSLR owners first and then a few P&S move-ups.
If I do go to PMA next month, I will bring a hybrid, there is no doubt. I would be sending video reports and the ideal camera would be a Panasonic GH1. I probably wouldn't use a GF1 or a Samsung NX10 because they have mono-only sound for video. I have an Olympus Pen E-P2 and this would be my choice if I couldn't lay my hands on a GH1.

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