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Re: Post your panos here (warning horizontal scrolling)

Originally Posted by DTD View Post
Here's one, which I don't particularly rate, but it was done handheld and just stitched together automatically in PhotoShop, which I think shows how easy it is to do.

Talking of panoramas, Has anyone ever done any VR panoramas? something I fancied and meant to do, but never got around to.

It certainly gives the impression of a tightly packed cemetary.

I've never personally done a VR panorama though have worked with a colleague whilst he did one. The trouble is the extra kit and gizmo for the tripod.

I have however done iPix 360 degree panoramas. I have a client who requires them and supplies me with the kit, and I just send them the files unstitched. TBH I hate the thing, you have to take 2 exposures 180 degrees opposed to each other, but you can't avoid getting the sun causing flare.

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