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patmoore 12-11-13 02:26 PM

DSLR vs. iPhone
I was in Bristol, Rhode Island on Sunday and was taking shots with my Canon EOX XSi with 80-250 Tamron lens. Since I was always carry an iPhone 5 with me I decided to do a comparison.

The two shots weren't taken from the exact same spot but you can get an idea. The top shot is the Canon. For the test, I used the Auto setting. No post processing was done on either shot.

Your thoughts?


Ian 13-11-13 11:55 AM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Interesting! I can see that there is much more tonal range in the Canon shot. The iPhone has a wide angle lens, so it's quite difficult to compare directly with the Canon. I would expect the Canon to have more capacity for correction, too. But it does show that most smartphones can take a decent snap.


Pops 14-11-13 10:28 AM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
The phone shot looks a bit harsh to me but I'm sure it could be toned down to a very acceptable level

patmoore 14-11-13 02:19 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Earlier in the day we visited a winery and I didn't have my Canon with me. I discovered that the newest operating system of the iPhone has a Mono feature so tried it out. Here are a couple of results.



Ian 14-11-13 02:45 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
The latest two from Pat are really good. I think you need to give some credit to the photographer of course :)


patmoore 26-03-14 03:05 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Found a $1.99 iPhone app called Pro HDR.

I took the same shot without it and with it.


ash 26-03-14 08:53 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Am I right in thinking the app took several shots and merged them?

patmoore 26-03-14 11:21 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
It takes two images one underexposed one overexposed and then merges them.

Autumn 27-03-14 12:20 AM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Well I think the results are fantastic.

I have just bought a Fujifilm HS50 so am about to try it on our forthcoming cruise - Singapore to Dubaii.

I have used my baby Panaonic TZ20 quite a lot with very good results. It falls down in low light with a lot of noise, but for holidays it's super and doesn't hurt my back.*LOL

patmoore 27-03-14 03:37 AM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Another example.


photohounds 28-03-14 05:31 AM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
iphones over-sharpen images and bump up the contrast to give them 'snap' on a phone screen

patmoore 28-03-14 02:01 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
In their present iterations, smartphones are no substitute for the real thing but when you wake up to a view like this without a camera nearby the iPhone comes in handy.


photohounds 29-03-14 05:42 AM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Quite right, they are modern day box brownies :)

I use a Galaxy Note 2 - almost postcard-sized result :)

patmoore 25-05-14 02:18 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Every once in a while I discover a new app for the iPhone. This one from FotoRus has some pretty extreme HDR effects. Here are a couple of examples.



patmoore 26-10-14 01:51 PM

Re: DSLR vs. iPhone
Just got the new iPhone 6 and have been playing with it. Here are some early results



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