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Barr1e 29-03-19 09:21 PM

Face Plant
We were attending a dance show which our granddaughter starred in.
Afterwards we were returning to the car park to our separate cars Anne with our son and grandchildren and his wife and I in mine.
Suddenly a bang and scream and family voices calling me. I thought the worse and found Anne had hit an undulation in the tarmac and as she tripped hit the bumper of our son's Ranger Rover.

A visit to a hospital near where they live and then the following morning a trip around the M25 to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for some superb fixing.

A visit to a further hospital today for the ENT specialists to tie up the loose ends. It should repair itself in about six months.



Garry 29-03-19 11:08 PM

Re: Face Plant
Heavens above. How awful for Ann1e.

Sincerely hope you recover fast and are not in too much pain.

Ian 29-03-19 11:46 PM

Re: Face Plant
Oh no! Poor Annie - please send her my best wishes for a fast recovery.

I fell over (the wheelbarrow in pitch darkness) chasing a nasty noisy tomcat that was hassling our two neutered females the other day. I was feeling sorry for myself with scuffed elbows, a cut hand and a banged shin, but honestly - that's nothing at all compared to poor Annie. Ouch!


Caz 30-03-19 01:22 AM

Re: Face Plant
Do hope she's feeling less pain soon and wishing her a speedy recovery

andym 30-03-19 05:58 PM

Re: Face Plant
Please give Anne my best and wish her a speedy recovery.

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