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thomas 07-06-11 11:22 PM

My Silverstone pics from Saturday
Im posting these for Thomas for critique, I have not done anything to them other than a little sharpening or contrast. Ive only just started looking at Tom's pics from the weekend and I am very impressed. He is 8 in october.
I like the fact he is using angles and perspectives to enhance the subject, and it seems its not a fluke, he is so casual about the whole thing he spurs me on to do better and think outside the box, Im proud:)
Im not pushy and don't force him to take any pictures, he just loves it!
Be honest though, he does not like me telling him where he goes wrong although he secretly takes it onboard! Bit like me in the early day's *LOL




Ian 08-06-11 09:44 AM

Re: My Silverstone pics from Saturday
Can you remind us all who Thomas is? He's certainly a budding snapper at 8 years old! :)

The first and last work well and I don't in the least mind that the angle of the composition chops the right hand side of the car a bit. There is drama and an air of the unusual there that works nicely.

The middle shot doesn't work for me. The back of the car too near the edge of the frame for comfort and the big featureless space in the foreground doesn't do anything.

Nevertheless, I hope I was taking such good pictures at that age!


Pol 08-06-11 09:52 AM

Re: My Silverstone pics from Saturday
I have to admit I'm not 'into' cars, motor racing etc but here goes anyway.

The first picci - good shot overall but I think I'd have liked it better if the entire car had been included in the shot. (right side is clipped). I say that because I reckon including the entire car would do more for the pic than having all of that fella + space on the left.

2) Competent shot but nothing exciting about it (or does that indicate my ignorance about whatever that yellow car might be? :o :D

3) Now then ... even an ignorant old lady like me can get really very excited about this picci! It's a belter imho. I love the angle, the car, the colour of the car and the general v-vroom atmosphere it generates.

Keep it up, Thomas. ;)


ash 08-06-11 11:25 AM

Re: My Silverstone pics from Saturday
If you were wondering yes thats me in the first shot :D

Pol 08-06-11 11:30 AM

Re: My Silverstone pics from Saturday

Originally Posted by ash (Post 59524)
If you were wondering yes thats me in the first shot :D

*whack Then shift yer carcass yi daft twonk!

You're spoiling Thomas' nice picci. *LOL


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