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mike_j 05-12-16 06:41 PM

An easier way?
This may be the wrong forum, please move if appropriate.

I'm trying to find an easier way to get pictures from my phone to the forum for the Alphabet Race.

At the moment I take the pic, plug the phone into the pc USB, download using Lightroom. Adjust and crop then export as 800px long side to my DP folder. Go to DPNow and upload into gallery. Copy url and go to forum. Write reply and paste url.

Now my phone can directly upload to various places, including my Dropbox which I use a lot. Can also use Flickr account, Micro$oft One Drive etc.

Is there an easier way to get unimportant low res pics onto the Forum?

Ian 05-12-16 09:57 PM

Re: An easier way?
Flickr works well - upload to Flickr and then use the share option for BBCode and simply paste the code into the forum message box.


PS This works well from a desktop web browser but I haven't tried using an app - but I will have a look at that.

Ian 05-12-16 10:40 PM

Re: An easier way?
Hm, the Flickr app on Android has lots of sharing options but not the BBCode one :(

Even browsing and not using the app on my phone doesn't show the desktop browser share options...

I think I can fix this problem when updating to the latest version of the forum software.


selenajain 13-09-17 10:55 AM

Re: An easier way?
You can use any free image hosting site for this purpose. Site like tinypic can be used. You just need to upload your image there and then you can use the image url for making the image visible here.

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