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Garry 05-04-18 09:56 PM

Happy Birthday, Ron
Many happy returns, Ron.

I sincerely hope you had a good birthday.

Rodbender 06-04-18 09:02 AM

Re: Happy Birthday, Ron
Thanks Garry. Yes a very nice day. Visits from family and an afternoon with some of our neighbours. Have a problem now, what do I spend that extra 25p on my pension on? Plus I will get an extra 100 heating allowance come next Christmas. That really makes turning 80 worth while.*LOL

Garry 06-04-18 05:24 PM

Re: Happy Birthday, Ron
Pleased to hear you had a good day.

Now don't let all that extra money burn a hole in your pocket. :D

Pol 07-04-18 09:43 AM

Re: Happy Birthday, Ron
Keep going, Shoppy. Yer still just a youngster.

Autumn 14-04-18 03:26 PM

Re: Happy Birthday, Ron
A bit late, but A Belated Happpy 80th Ron. Welcome to the Club.*LOL

Rodbender 20-04-18 09:19 PM

Re: Happy Birthday, Ron
Sorry Audrey for a late response. Not had my computer for over a week now. Had to do some work on it and now reinstalling etc. etc. What a pain, I should have known better than to attempt these jobs now I'm too old to remember how to do them.

Autumn 20-04-18 09:55 PM

Re: Happy Birthday, Ron
I know what you mean. I can't believe how much I used to know about Photoshop, but now I use Lightroom and some people think that is difficult, but I love it as you don't have to save your work.

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