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StuartR 11-02-18 05:24 PM

When you have a bad day....
Thought I'd take a few pictures of garden birds this morning as the sun was out.

I took 110 photos (I'm trigger happy) over an hour or so and then took my memory card to my computer. Before I copied the images to my PC I renamed the folder they were in, as is my usual way of working, then I was distracted by a phone call.

Five minutes later I was back at my PC and deleted the folder on the memory card. Then realised I hadn't copied the folder to my HDD...twit I thought, but they should be simple to recover. Long story short, several free recovery programs refused to play ball and I ended up paying good money for a program (Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery). This worked (but took a good hour or so - not sure why they named it "Stellar"!). I also ended up with 620 files instead of the expected 110. It appeared that there were a lot of jpg versions (originals were RAW) which I assumed were the embedded preview / thumbnail images.

Imported them all into Lightroom and eventually discarded the jpgs.

As I sat back thinking what a PIA that had been and a waste of time on a sunny day....I suddenly thought..

I'd been using my recently acquired 7D Mark 2. Which, for those that don't know, has two card slots...so a copy of the images were.... all on the other card noooooooo..

A real Doh! moment....I won't do that again!


Garry 11-02-18 05:45 PM

Re: When you have a bad day....
Arghhhhhhhhh! Nightmare !

I can understand your frustration.

Some years back, when I knew nothing about PC's My wife took our son out for the day, and came back with lots of photos.
I foolishly deleted the lot, before uploading them..:(

When my wife found out.......... Lets just say that things weren't to good *LOL

I never made the same mistake again.

Pleased to hear that you managed to recover the images, even if there were more than you wanted.

I always had a lot of success with Recuva FREE version.

StuartR 11-02-18 07:03 PM

Re: When you have a bad day....

Call me Tommy Top'em-up but I swear this is a true story - I recorded a John Wayne film over the top of our VHS wedding video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was 1982 and amateur video equipment wasn't much cop in those days - especially when rented and handled by my father-in-law who was drunk for most of the wedding! He even turned the camera on it's side for portrait mode video :-) When people watched it they had to turn their heads sideways :-)

Although I've never lived it down, I think my wife was secretly pleased as it was pretty rubbish.


PS: I also lost my first 500 or so digital images (1 mp Kodak) when a hard drive failed before I'd got round to backing them up. At this point I should perhaps mention that I was an IT Manager responsible, amongst other things, for the corporate data centre, backup strategy and disaster recovery....

Garry 11-02-18 07:07 PM

Re: When you have a bad day....

Originally Posted by StuartR (Post 86441)

Call me Tommy Top'em-up but I swear this is a true story - I recorded a John Wayne film over the top of our VHS wedding video!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:eek: And your alive still ? *LOL

Barr1e 11-02-18 07:45 PM

Re: When you have a bad day....
Imagine having a problem with your computer and taking it to the repair shop. The technician said it would be three days and they would telephone when the machine was ready to collect.
Several days later I telephoned to ask if they had completed the task only to be told the manger was out and he wanted to have a word with me on his return.
I had a return call from the senior technician who gruffly informed me I had wiped the hard drive and it was my problem.

I knew the manager and visited the store to talk through with him about the engineer who had wiped the machine to be told it was a home tech guy.

Fortunately I back up the computer weekly on an external hard drive which to their relief they were able to restore to the main computer.


Garry 11-02-18 08:34 PM

Re: When you have a bad day....
There's a lesson there, Barr1e

I foolishly don't back my pc up, and to my silly misfortune, didn't back up all of my photos.

I am missing approx. 4 yrs of photos that are stuck on an old pc, that was frozen via an attack.

I do now, back up my photos.

Caz 12-02-18 11:07 AM

Re: When you have a bad day....
Oh, I feel your pain - had to replace a CF card recently when it corrupted during a wedding - which of course, I didn't know until after the event. Luckily my camera has 2 slots, and when shooting a wedding or event it's always set to shoot full RAW to both cards but there was a sweaty moment when I looked at the pictures and thought NOOOOOOOO *LOL

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