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Rodbender 07-11-17 07:31 PM

UP UP and away
The word UP is one of the most universal words in the English dictionary. You probable doní even know how often you use it in a day. First we get UP in the morning and girls put on their make UP. We go UP stairs to the bathroom. Then we pick UP our keys to go and start UP the car. We slow UP at the junctions and speed UP on the motorway. Maybe I should make a list UP of all the times we use the word. OH and when you go to the bathroom U P. *LOL

So whatís he UP to here posting all this rubbish? Well itís like this. Iím setting you a challenge. How many images can you take that warrant the use of the word UP in the title? When I challenged my forum members with this they came UP with loads of images and the forum became very busy. So come on lets see if it works here.

Whoís going to put UP the first image?

Rodbender 07-11-17 08:14 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Digging UP my garden


Rodbender 07-11-17 08:59 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Looking Up


Garry 07-11-17 09:18 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Make up.


Garry 08-11-17 07:53 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Lighting up.


Barr1e 08-11-17 08:19 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Up periscope


Garry 09-11-17 04:59 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Brewing up.


Rodbender 09-11-17 05:36 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Brush UP


Barr1e 09-11-17 08:28 PM

Re: UP UP and away

Originally Posted by Garry (Post 85509)
Brewing up.

Quite apt just before this coming weekend.


Rab 10-11-17 02:15 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Lighting UP


Garry 10-11-17 04:52 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Full up. *LOL


Rodbender 10-11-17 05:52 PM

Re: UP UP and away
I'm very pleased to see some of you entering into the sprit of these silly challenges. It's got the forum going again and if we can keep it UP other members may join in too. Thanks for your support.

Rodbender 10-11-17 09:24 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Come on Cheer UP we can play ball when it stops raining.


Garry 11-11-17 10:27 AM

Re: UP UP and away
Lighting up !


Rodbender 11-11-17 07:54 PM

Re: UP UP and away
Filling Up


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