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DPNow 26-02-10 12:41 AM

PMA 2010: Casio's GPS camera prototype
Here is a summary or excerpt from an article that has just been published on DPNow:

Casio's prototype Hybrid GPS digital camera was given another airing at PMA 2010 and it was our first chance to see one and speak to Casio about it. It's much more than just a geo-tagging enhancement to a basic Casio Exilim EX-H10 10x zoom compact camera. Read our article to find out why.

Click here to read the whole article...

Stephen 26-02-10 10:01 AM

Re: PMA 2010: Casio's GPS camera prototype
One can't help feeling that GPS cameras and Geotagging is fast becoming the next must have addition to our cameras. Google Maps has had the ability to map our photos for some time and now our photo software will show exactly where our photos were taken. For the Mac iPhoto, and now Aperture 3 have a function called Places. The Aperture 3 version is pretty slick I must say. Check this out http://www.apple.com/uk/aperture/action/richardson/ .............absolutely brilliant.

Ian 26-02-10 01:36 PM

Re: PMA 2010: Casio's GPS camera prototype
The Casio Hybrid GPS camera is clever because it maintains a log of your position even indoors or when the GPS satellites in the sky are otherwise not visible.

The Aperture Places option looks cool. Lightroom has had a simple link to Google Maps from geo-tagged images in its database, but I think you can only view the location of one image at a time, but I will try to verify if this is correct.


Ian 26-02-10 04:13 PM

Re: PMA 2010: Casio's GPS camera prototype
OK, I have dug out some geo-tagged images (actually from my phone, which can geo-tag photos from built in camera).

I can't see a way of displaying more than one location on a google map with Lightroom. Even if you select several geotagged images and then open the google map link, only one location is highlighted on the map.

So the Aperture Places solution is more flexible and even allows plotting of log data to show the trace of your route.


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