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ash 11-02-08 11:26 PM

Dark Wood
Another from saturday, Ive recovered this in raw as it was drastically underexposed, but at the time I took it I was being mislead by the metering of the camera:( this is a classic example of why you should, if your camera permits shoot in raw, the d200 allows raw+fine jpeg, which gives you the best of both worlds.
Upon first glance I would have normally deleted this picture, as all you could see was the sun and the reflection. Now after a few tweeks, I really like it:)
Anyone else like it? come on dont be shy:D


coupekid 12-02-08 09:59 AM

Re: Dark Wood
Well I love it!

Recovering has introduced a little noise, which I think adds to the mood of the shot (i think would even be inclined to add a little more) I love the way the sun is reflected in the puddle.

I wonder if it would be possible to darken the top half of the picture, almost to give the illussion of impending darkness, to add to the mood.......oh so many possibilities!

Great shot, and nicely recovered Ash!

Julia 12-02-08 10:26 AM

Re: Dark Wood
Lovely shot - very dramatic.


fluffy penguin 12-02-08 02:12 PM

Re: Dark Wood
I like that, the reflection in the puddle adds to the mood,
it also says to me the dawning of a new day/birth/season.
with the sun glowing through, and the starkness of the trees.

ash 13-02-08 01:18 AM

Re: Dark Wood
Thanks for your reply's and it was walking past when I noticed the reflection in the puddle that led me to take the pic, something different, out of the ordinary that you dont normally see I suppose is a good start for photography,that and grasping that oportunity, if you hesitate then I suppose you can potentially lose a great pic. Im not pretending to know what Im talking about nor am I an expert, I feel its important to express your abilities at the stage your currently at. That way you will get help from others.
Please feel free if you have another take on the image, I wont be offended if you alter it. Im wafflin on again sorry, the wife goes to bed early:rolleyes: not that we speak anyway, although I might have to talk to her on thursday*inlove

Stephen 13-02-08 10:25 AM

Re: Dark Wood
I feel I know this location, though of course there are lots of places it could be. Although there is not a great deal wrong compositionally with the image, I feel there is something not quite right about the picture though. Maybe its because you have had to increase the exposure etc from the original raw image. The fact is that the ground area is now somewhat flat in tonal terms, which makes it boring to look at. To say the sun is apparently shining through the trees towards the camera, there are no shadows, something I would expect to see in front of the trees. Shadows would have added more tonal range and visual interest in my opinion. So whats going on Ash, can you explain the lack of shadows?

ash 13-02-08 09:00 PM

Re: Dark Wood
Im really sorry theres no shadow's for you Stephen, but well volunteer'd you can find out why there's no shadow's*LOL Obviously I cant upload the raw file so ive attached the original jpeg for you to study.
My understanding is that you need an intense light source, and all I can think of is that because the sun is on its way down and being filtered by the tree's its just not bright enough to produce a shadow in an already dark wood.
Had the picture been perfectly taken and exposed in the first place there might have been some shadow's I don't no.

Its Newmiller damn near wakefield, a nice steady walk and it was very busy on saturday, I beleive its over your way so you probably no it well.


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