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Expose to the left or to the right!

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Posted 14-06-09 at 01:05 PM by Ian
Updated 23-06-09 at 05:46 PM by Ian

The idea I was trying to explore in my previous blog update was the exposing to the left or to the right of the histogram. The example shots I posted weren't really up to the job as the conditions were slightly flat, so here are two more example shots, one exposed 2/3rds of a stop under the camera meter's 'ideal' setting and one, this time, a third of a stop over. So the difference is one stop.

Image 1 (above)

Image 2 (above)

Using the camera RAW files, I have 'normalised' these two shots as best I could in Lightroom.

So which was under-exposed and which was over-exposed?

There is a significant difference that you can't see in these web resolution renditions, which I will reveal later

UPDATE: Find out which image was which now.
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    Graham_of_Rainham's Avatar
    The hystograms of these two images are much closer than the previous two and as such give little if any clue as the adjustment that may have been made to the exposure.

    To my eye Image 1 has a "richer" colour with the reds in the bricks, blues in the sign and the greens all being a little more saturated.

    Image 2 is my prefered image as the colours look that more natural (the nettles compare well to those outside my window in what seems to be similar lighting conditions)
    Posted 14-06-09 at 02:28 PM by Graham_of_Rainham Graham_of_Rainham is offline

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