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Lightroom 3 instability work around

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Posted 28-07-10 at 12:07 PM by Ian

A month ago I posted a plea for help with a problem I was, and still am, experiencing with Lightroom 3. In short, whenever I wanted to use the Library filter to search for images, Lightroom 3 would crash.

A good look around the Web indicates that I'm not alone with this problem, which seems to affect users with very large catalogues containing tens of thousands of images. What makes it all the more frustrating is that the same catalogue works fine in Lightroom 2.7.

But I have at least discovered a work around that is effective! Here's how it works:

Select a folder from the folder list in your catalogue (on the left side of the Library view). Find an image with previously tagged key words. Then open the Library filter - it shouldn't crash at this stage, probably because the images that cause LR3 to fall over are hopefully in a different folder - then enter one of the key words in the search box. Then click on the lock icon next to the custom filter option. From then on you should be able to search across the whole catalogue. It works for me, which is a huge relief!

Clearly, Adobe still needs to address the problem in a future bug fix update or issue guidance on how to clean up one's catalogues to eliminate the problem.
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  1. Old Comment
    Has the latest LR update fixed this?
    Posted 18-08-10 at 01:52 PM by mike_j mike_j is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Ian's Avatar
    I have just updated to LR 3.2 and unfortunately there is no improvement to the instability issue outlined at the beginning of this blog entry.
    Posted 31-08-10 at 01:40 PM by Ian Ian is offline

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