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My iMac experiances

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Posted 01-07-10 at 12:52 AM by Patrick
Updated 02-07-10 at 04:29 PM by Ian

As many of you regulars may remember I purchased an iMac earlier this year.

I purchased it from the refurbished page on the Apple web site, saved about 150. It has the normal one year warranty and Apple care can be bought to extend the warranty to three years and get online help for that same period.

After a little initial difficulty, mostly learning where apple puts things and what name a function may be given I have settled down with the machine nicely. The speed it boots ready for use is amazing compared with Windows.
Most of my software had to be changed to Mac compatible, in the majority of cases the license was transferred using the same activation numbers. It was a little more difficult with Photoshop, long conversations on the phone, we got there in the end, but had to pay postage to get a new disk.
I also purchased Microsoft Office for Macs, I didn't like iWorks rather slow by comparison with Office.
Goldwave, Pictures to EX & my accountancy package are Windows only so I invested in Parallels and set up a Windows partition (this can only be done with Intel powered Macs)
This worked very well but I thought it would be even more versatile if Windows could be run from an external HD drive using Parallels. Well its three weeks since I tried this, and with help off technicians from Parallels, even a remote session I am still battling on, I may give up and stick with the partition.
Photoshop, Lightroom, Photmatix and others programs run a dream but the real beauty of the iMac is the monitor screen, to call it good is an understatement. Images are so sharp and clear with fantastic colour rendition. The dynamic rang I find brilliant, to the point that it can almost cope with an HDR image before being mapped.
The top and bottom of my experience with my Mac is; I have just taken delivery of a brand new MacBook Pro in fact I am typing this blog on it now. Its simply beautiful to look at as of course is the iMac, and they work as good as they look

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    Stephen's Avatar
    Patrick, I'm so pleased that your overall experience of the Mac has been good. You seem to have followed a similar path to me. I too have Parallels because I have a couple of non Mac programs esp my accounts package that I need to keep. I've not bothered on the MBP though and now have a completely Microsoft free laptop, using Open Office instead of MS Office
    Posted 01-07-10 at 10:02 AM by Stephen Stephen is offline
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    Patrick's Avatar
    My idea of having my Windows on an external drive running Parallels was so I could also use it on the MacBook (planning ahead) as well as the iMac. My exchanges with Parallels technicians reveals I would have to buy another license, so I will be keeping my MacBook Microsoft free as well (discounting MS Office for Mac).
    I always think its greedy of software companies to limit the license to just one computer used by the one user. Most allow two and Microsoft office for Mac allows three.

    I never mentioned when I first wrote this blog the wonderful MagicMouse, again it is strange at first without any wheel or buttons, but soon becomes second nature to use. Whatever the foibles at Apple they do know how to design stylish & beautiful kit that is totally functional.

    Posted 02-07-10 at 11:32 AM by Patrick Patrick is offline

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