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March 18 2009

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Posted 18-03-09 at 07:42 PM by Mike Parr

Now I'm not used to this "Blagging " sorry Blogging lark, but as im on holiday from work this week I thought Id try this out.
As some of you may be aware I live in Cornwall..... the pointy bit at the bottom of the map, and I have a feeling some may have picked up on this by some of my posts In a nutshell this is because they charge me 1.00 to go into England to take photographs over the Tamar bridge.
So to yesterdays outing.....I went down west in search of the fabled treacle mines, alas all I found was some old buildings with chimneys and no Dick van dyke impersonating a cockney sweep Seriously though I do love the old mine workings and would like to be able to portray how they affected the landscape of this county.
Today I had the company of my lovley assistant Lisa on a trip to the coast just North of Tintagel to look for a place called Rocky Falls. As you can see from todays posts, somebody really put a lot of thought into the name We had a great time scrambling over wet slates and I was always looking for the killer shot, at one point I was scrambling down a wet bit of grass slope to hear those heartfelt words "You Becareful"'ve guessed it, one Mike sliding on ones a**e to the precepice, mud up one's side of leg and a wet derriere. But hey like a pro I held the equipment to the sky and they only damage was spending the rest of the walk with ones assistant saying "I told you to be careful".
So tomorrow I am of out alone.............oh goody no late start, lunch in a local pub, and i dont have to say "just one more and we will go back to the car"
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  1. Old Comment
    Can you still get a book of cut-price tickets to cross the bridge? (Plymouth Ho! would be nice for photography, I think)
    Posted 18-03-09 at 08:30 PM by Cogito Cogito is offline
  2. Old Comment
    No they introduced a electronic tag system last year and i dont leave often enough to warant the payment
    Posted 18-03-09 at 09:31 PM by Mike Parr Mike Parr is offline
  3. Old Comment

    Lesser Spotted Wife

    Here is a rare image of the "Lesser Spotted Wife" at rest on cliffs near Tintagel. This rare bird is not seen very often and is known to be difficult to photograph due to its shyness. This beauty which I think is of the sub genus "Domesticus" could only be viewed from a distance as any approach with image capturing equipment can cause the bird to take flightfor the cover of nearby rocks whilst simultaniously emitting a warning cry that sounds like "goway-goway"

    Please note: No wife was hurt or caused any undue stress in the taking of this Photo
    Posted 20-03-09 at 02:57 PM by Mike Parr Mike Parr is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Ian's Avatar
    haha! That's had me and Julia (similar species) in fits of laughter
    Posted 20-03-09 at 03:18 PM by Ian Ian is offline
  5. Old Comment
    You should here the cry of "Dontpointthatbloodythingatme" normally heard at gatherings when more than one are present in a social groups in the evenings

    Time for me shrink now
    Posted 20-03-09 at 03:25 PM by Mike Parr Mike Parr is offline
    Updated 20-03-09 at 03:27 PM by Mike Parr (spelling)
  6. Old Comment
    LOL so funny - did your wife smack you up the back of the head?
    Posted 20-03-09 at 03:29 PM by
  7. Old Comment
    No why would she...................?

    I might be daft but not stupid enought to let her see the post
    Posted 20-03-09 at 03:48 PM by Mike Parr Mike Parr is offline

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