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Old lens new body - Part 2

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Posted 14-03-14 at 06:32 PM by Ian

Using a zoom lens over 25 years old on a Canon EOS 5D MARK III full frame DSLR

As some readers may recall I have been writing some articles for Amateur Photographer magazine, selecting pre-digital or very early digital era items of photographic gear and finding out how they fare today. The previous lens I spotlighted was a Leica M rangefinder lens from the mid-90s, and now I'm turning my attention to a Tamron zoom lens around ten years earlier in vintage - a 70-210mm f/3.8-4 Adaptall 2 (Type 46A). These were made between 1986 and 1988 and I purchased mine on eBay for 20 inc. postage!

It's in excellent condition apart from one flake of debris between lens elements inside the lens, but I don't think this affects the picture quality.

Canon kindly provided an EOS 5D Mark III for me to use along with a 60D and a 70-300 f/4-5.6 L IS for comparison purposes.

Anyway, for now here are a few shots taken this afternoon with the Tamron and the 5D Mark III:

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  1. Old Comment
    Ian's Avatar
    It now transpires I could have borrowed my father in law's Tamron 80-210, which is an earlier but basically very similar lens and a bit more up-market.
    Posted 17-03-14 at 07:03 PM by Ian Ian is offline
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    Ian's Avatar
    I had ordered a Daisy AF Confirm chipped Adaptall 2 adapter from eBay but I was sent the standard one in error. The correct one is now apparently on the way. Apparently these things don't work with the 5D Mark III for some reason. Hopefully it will with a 70D which I also have on loan. I was lugging these two bodies and a couple of zooms around London today - it does remind one of the attraction of compact system cameras! But using a DSLR does feel good.
    Posted 18-03-14 at 07:01 PM by Ian Ian is offline
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    Ian's Avatar
    The AF confirm adapter arrived - works well on the EOS-70D but as expected it doesn't work on the 5D Mark III. I understand there is a later version of the Daisy AF confirm chip that will work with the 5F Mark III.
    Posted 27-03-14 at 12:02 PM by Ian Ian is offline
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    Ian's Avatar
    One thing that I have noticed is that TTL metering evenin stop-down mode (Aperture Priority) is not reliable and often results in over-exposure. This is also well-documented. The solution is to use Live View, which meters from the sensor and this works very accurately. Unfortunately, this means you can't use the viewfinder, which is a bit of a pain!
    Posted 27-03-14 at 12:05 PM by Ian Ian is offline

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