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Posted 23-03-09 at 10:19 AM by Julia
Updated 20-05-09 at 09:14 AM by Ian (adding link)

Gardening and Julia have rarely been heard in the same sentence but after chatting to Alison at my Athena Group I decided to start a vegetable garden.

No 'before' pictures - just too embarrassing. Imagine the scene - logs from a tree that had to come down and an old rubbish tip.

Saturday - With the help of Helen, a good friend of mine, first the climbing frame had to be moved then the logs. We found seven small frogs under one (that stayed until we can relocate the frogs). Next the soil had to be sieved to remove three binbags, so far, of bindweed.

Sunday - my parents came over for lunch. (It was Mothering Sunday in UK.) Dad brought his chain saw and we started cutting up the logs into manageable and sellable pieces.

Here is where we have got to.

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    Autumn's Avatar
    So where are you today Julia? Have you moved on yet?
    Posted 26-03-09 at 12:42 AM by Autumn Autumn is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Julia's Avatar
    not yet - it's been raining. Am hoping to do some more at the weekend.
    Posted 26-03-09 at 09:53 AM by Julia Julia is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Julia's Avatar
    Unfortunately it was raining this weekend so no progress so far. 'To do' for next week is buying the seeds to grow for later planting.
    Posted 01-04-09 at 08:52 AM by Julia Julia is offline
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    Julia's Avatar
    Week Three:
    Well, no excuses this weekend. Beautiful weather.
    First was a trip to the garden centre. They were very helpful too. This late in the season there was very few seed potatoes left (will know for next year) but Elizabeth and I managed to find an 'all-round' variety. The potato bags had sold out so they are in bright red tomato bags. Next was the seeds; we have Lettuce, Sweet Basil and Coriander, Raddish, and French Bean so far. The first three have been planted in seed trays dotted around the house.

    Unforunately Dad wasn't able to cut all the logs up so my job was to choose the ones for the edges. That done Lara and Elizabeth laid the cardboard and put some compost on to hold it down.

    I have now my own chain-saw so next is ordering the soil and tidying up the edges.

    Posted 06-04-09 at 10:01 AM by Julia Julia is offline
    Updated 06-04-09 at 10:38 AM by Julia (Addition of picture)
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    Julia's Avatar
    Week Four:
    The soil has arrived and with the help of Ian and the children it is in. The chain saw has been used - that was hard work but fun :-)
    The lettuces, Basil and Corainder are spouting around the house. Next week - planting out.

    Picture to follow - it is raining here atm
    Posted 16-04-09 at 09:46 AM by Julia Julia is offline
  6. Old Comment
    Julia's Avatar
    Week Five:
    It was a lovely sunny weekend so the lettuces and carrots have been planted out. The children helped with the netting to keep birds and cats off. The potatoes are doing well. There have been two more bags started.
    Sweetcorn and beans have been added to the herbs inside the house.
    Posted 27-04-09 at 02:01 PM by Julia Julia is offline
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    Julia's Avatar
    Week Six:
    Sweetcorn seedlings planted out this week. Radish seeds and another row of carrots. Potatoes are nearly at the top of their bags. Cucumber and courgette plants have been bought and will be put in this week. Trying to buy a hen coup from Ebay but keep being outbid.
    Posted 05-05-09 at 10:14 AM by Julia Julia is offline
  8. Old Comment
    Julia's Avatar
    Decided to 'Buy it now' the hen coup as I was wasting a lot of time trying to bid for one. They were ending up at the 'Buy it now' price anyway. It arrived this morning. So guess what I am doing this weekend!
    Posted 07-05-09 at 12:29 PM by Julia Julia is offline
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    Pol's Avatar
    Good for you for going for the hens. Someone I talk to on another forum got an 'eglu' plus 3 ex-battery hens. I gather she got quite a lot of eggs ... then eventually gave the eglu+hens to a relative as got herself a job and no longer had time to look after them.

    Mind you - I suspect the real reason was because she got fed up with them messing up her pristine garden.

    Posted 07-05-09 at 09:43 PM by Pol Pol is offline
    Updated 28-05-09 at 05:08 PM by Pol (typo)
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    Julia's Avatar
    Week Seven:
    With the warmer weather things have started to happen. The beans, courgettes, cucumber plants are in. The radishes and carrots are being to show a leaf or two and the hen coup has been built. The first lot of potatoes are over the top of their bags. I bought and was given some tomato plants so have thirteen pots around the patio :-). Hens have been ordered and their rescue is set for 23rd May.
    Posted 19-05-09 at 09:50 AM by Julia Julia is offline
    Updated 19-05-09 at 11:52 AM by Julia
  11. Old Comment
    Pol's Avatar
    I've just been looking at the pics of the happy hens. Nice ones. Long may they enjoy their new found freedom scratching, clucking and laying.
    Posted 28-05-09 at 05:08 PM by Pol Pol is offline
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    Ian's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Pol View Comment
    I've just been looking at the pics of the happy hens. Nice ones. Long may they enjoy their new found freedom scratching, clucking and laying.
    Unfortunate timing means that Julia is away this week with one of our daughters who needed a parent accompany her on holiday for half term with one of her schoolmates. The battery hen rescues only happen every couple of months and the latest on in our region was last Saturday, and we picked up our hens on Monday evening. So Julia hasn't been able to enjoy their 'homecoming'.

    Actually it's hard work! We have a nice coop with a small built in run, but our four need more space and so if we let them in the garden they need to be watched.

    And we are learning all the time. Sadly one of the four is being picked on by the others, and by one in particular, which is not nice, but I'm reassured by experienced hen keepers that this is normal and the bullying will eventually blow over. Can't wait...

    And we have had 8 eggs in three days!

    Posted 28-05-09 at 09:59 PM by Ian Ian is offline
  13. Old Comment
    Pol's Avatar
    Aww the poor little chuckie - just found some freedom and having it spoilt by a trio of bullies I hope it sorts itself out soon.

    I had a brief, tentative look at the 'eglus' a while ago but we have too many visiting foxes to risk it. Besides, David doesn't care much for eggs and I'd probably have to eat most of them - or give them away. Here's the link for the Eglu

    I envy those fresh eggs though, also the clucking. I Can't say I envy the mess and hard work though.

    I'll be following the updates with interest.

    Posted 28-05-09 at 10:39 PM by Pol Pol is offline
  14. Old Comment
    Pol's Avatar
    P.S ... regarding the bullying

    I just Googled and there's quite a lot of help and advice to be found. The general impression is that it lasts approx 3 weeks - but there are also lots of suggestions for dealing with it in the meantime. Here's the link to my search list

    Posted 28-05-09 at 11:11 PM by Pol Pol is offline

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