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With the introduction of the picture story boards (I now call them mini sites), I was left with the problem of how they could be properly integrated into a site that was designed primarily as a picture gallery.

I have spent the last few days addressing this problem and also tidying up the presentation. I think I am just about there now.

The 'HOME' option on my menu bar has now been re-named 'HOME PAGES' and this option has been made into a drop down list. Currently I have the main site HOME and four mini site HOMES under this option. Navigation is further assisted with the path links on the top left of each page, under the menu bar. These are clickable and therefore the browser navigation buttons are unnecessary.

I have created a Visitor report (originally called Site News) which can be accessed under the 'Site Info' option on the menu bar ('Guestbook' and 'Links' are also accessable from here).

I would appreciate any comments from forum members.

Thank you

My website
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Site update and the Olympus E5 14 Nov 2010

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Posted 14-11-10 at 03:02 PM by PeterD

Website Development
I have spent quite a time, away from the camera, improving the site. See my Visitor Report for details.

Olympus E5
I also took possesion of my Olympus E5 last Monday and decided to try it out with different lenses and conditions to see if Olympus held true with their clam to have tackled noise and IQ. I believe they have in both respects. I have been staggered by the results.
I have created a Home Page on my website especially for my test images from this camera. This page can be accessed under the HOME PAGES drop down in my menu bar. These tests include video and long night-time exposures taken last night. Well worth a visit.
I have not tried to create perfect images but merely present uncropped jpg images, straight from the camera, to demonstrate camera performance.
Some of these images are free for you to download.
The Downside is that Adobe have not yet released an ACR version that includes the E5. I am not keen on editing jpg so I shall have to wait for them to catch up.
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