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Re: D50 connector cover

Ian Burley

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D50 connector cover (cuius)
Re: D50 connector cover 6 November 2005 11:22 am

The D50's port cover does a good job of protecting what's underneath - when it's closed tightly. The problem is that it's very fiddly to close. I find that I need to use the tips of my fingernails to force the edges of the rubberised plastic cover into place. Just using one's fingertips isn't enough to get the edges of the cover to seat properly.

You can see what I mean here:

The cover is still protruding from the side.

All the others have accurately fitting plastic or rubberised plastic covers on flexible hinges, apart from the Pentax *istDL that has a conventional plastic door.


> Is the "rubber" connector cover the D50's worst
> feature? I think it eclipses the similar item on the Canon
> G1.


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