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Printer review: Canon S900

11th March - 2002
By Ian Burley

Page 11 - Print quality evaluation - text

Illustrated below are magnified views of draft and high quality text output compared with the perfect graphic original and laser print versions. The examples were all printed at 12 point on ordinary 65gsm copier plain paper stock and are of Times New Roman TrueType font origin.

Original If printers were perfect, this is what the text would look like.

S900 draft mode Black density is not very good, but the letters are surprisingly well formed. There isn’t much evidence in bidirectional registration error, or banding. The test page of double line spaced text took just over 10 seconds to print, or about 5.1 pages per minte (ppm).

S900 best quality mode Here the density is noticeably improved compared to the draft mode, but extra ink applied has started to feather along the paper fibres. On the page, the result is acceptable and some less discerning people might be satisfied the print was laser-quality. Print throughput is reduced to 0.6ppm.

Epson Stylus 870 Photo draft mode The Epson 870 is not a particularly new model, but serves to show a difference in quality between photo ink-jet printers when used to print text. There is some banding, though density is not too bad. The formation of the characters is more bloated and ill-defined than the S900. On the page, the result is not bad, but probably wouldn’t fool anyone in to thinking they were looking at laser printer output.

Epson Stylus 870 best quality mode Here there is a big improvement in the uniformity of the ink coverage and there is less feathering than the S900. But the text does look a bit heavy on the page.

Kyocera FS1700 600dpi laser printer A laser printer like the FS1700 is clearly superior when magnified like this above. However,  note the haze of toner particles beyond the edges othe letters.


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