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5th August 2004
August 2004 - win a 5MP Kodak EasyShare LS753 and printer dock worth 449!
by Julia Burley

Win a Kodak EasyShare LS753 camera and Printer Dock!

This competition is now closed

Hearty congratulations go to the lucky winner, Gwyneth Lowe, drawn from entries to August's prize draw.

We'll be announcing September's competition soon!

Win a Kodak EasyShare LS753 camera and Printer Dock! During August we're giving away a five megapixel Kodak EasyShare LS753 camera and matching printer dock, a self-contained package, worth 449, for both shooting and printing your photos!

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This month we have another great prize on offer: a stylish and easy to use five megapixel LS753 Kodak EasyShare camera, plus the latest version of Kodak's EasyShare printer dock. The two have a combined MSRP value of 449.98.
Kodak New Printer Dock

With its cool-grey metal construction body and compact low profile design, the LS753 is a stylish object that looks very much at home next to the latest mobile phones and other hi-tech pocketable accessories. But this is not just a pretty accessory.

The LS753's five megapixel 1/2.5 CCD chip is served by a 2.8x Schneider Kreuznach C-Variogon zoom lens, with an equivalent zoom range of 36-100mm. There are fifteen pre-programmed scene-specific auto exposure modes in addition to full auto mode, plus exposure compensation options for difficult lighting situations. You also get a video with sound recording mode with a maximum 640x480 (VGA) resolution.

Easy to use
Other key details include a lithium ion rechargeable battery and handy compact charger, 32MB of built in photo memory, an MMC/SD memory card slot, a good-sized 1.8inch 134K pixel LCD monitor screen, one of the easiest to use menu systems, with handy textual hints and tips and compatibility with the Kodak EasyShare system.

The new EasyShare Printer Dock
This brings us neatly on to the second half of this month's prize package, the new Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock. This dye-sublimation 6x4 inch photo printer also doubles as a charger for your compatible Kodak camera meaning you don't need to remove the battery just pop the camera onto the printer dock itself.

Once the camera is docked, you can also print photos directly from the camera without the need for cables or having to transfer images. But the EasyShare system also lets you transfer photos from the camera to a PC with the touch of a button and you have the option of ordering lab prints and sharing pictures with contacts, friends and family too.

PictBridge compatible
The new Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock is industry-standard PictBridge compatible. This means if you have friends or family with cameras that are PictBridge compatible, of which the majority of new cameras are now, then you can let them print their photos on your Printer Dock - just remind them to bring the special PictBridge cable for their camera.

EasyShare Printer Dock 6x4 photos are splash-proof, print in around 90 seconds and cost around 43p each.

So there you have it - a grand prize value of 449.98 for a ready-to-go camera and photo printing package.

Here's how you get a chance to win:
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