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3rd April 2013
5 minutes at the Gadget Show Live
by Ian Burley
9158: 5 minutes at the Gadget Show Live

Here's a five minute video tour of this years Spring Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC


Yesterday was press day at the Spring Gadget Show Live which is held every year at the Birmingham NEC. After visiting the smaller Lonodn even that was held for the first time before Christmas last year I decided to venture along to the NEC and see how the big show fared. I came back with a simple 5 minute video tour which you can watch below:

Although traditional photography companies were thin on the ground at the show there was a photography section complete with a presentation theatre (click on the photo below to read the theatre schedule):


One novel product that caught my eye was 'Soloshot' - a tripod with a special motorised head that is able to automatically follow a subject. It works by using GPS, which is fixed by a GPS receiver that is worn by the subject if that is a person or placed on the object being tracked.


The receiver communicates with the tripod head and the range is up to several hundred metres. It was developed for use in sunny climes with wind surfers and the like in mind. The unit doesn't control the camera, it simply points it in the right direction but the potential for both stills and video use is there with some additional accessories.

Are you going to or have you been to the Gadget Show Live? Let us know!

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