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4th March 2013
Focus on Imaging 2013 show video report
by Ian Burley

Focus 2013 is back again and here is our show video tour

Nikon's presentation theatre had a very impressive and massive multi-camera motion capture arc of dozens D800 DSLRs hanging over the audience area.

So here we are back at another Focus on Imaging show, which each year seems to be a surprisingly shorter and shorter time after the last! You can view our 10 minute tour of the show below.

Of the big camera manufacturers only two, Canon and Nikon, had really big stands. Fujifilm had a good sized stand but cameras only form a part of the exhibit with Fujifilm's valuable commercial printing business claiming much of the space. Olympus didn't have a new camera to launch and chose to support one of their pro photographers. They did have a clever show publicity gimmick though. Panasonic Lumix simply supported one of their camera dealers. Meanwhile, Samsung, Pentax and Sony were nowhere to be seen.

However, there were plenty of lens companies at the show, including the usual Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina but there was also a big presence in two locations for Samyang, and Carl Zeiss also had a stand this year.

One aspect of the show that we found notable was uniquity of LED studio lighting - it's not new but this year everybody was using and selling it. Anyway - here's the video and if you are going or have been to the show please do let us know what you thought about it:

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