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18th February 2011
Leaf releases Leaf Capture 11.4.5

Leaf releases Leaf Capture 11.4.5 with SensorFlex Support

Feature Enables Photographers Shooting Tethered and Portable To Crop On the Fly

TEL AVIV, February 17 2011 Leaf Imaging today announced the release of Leaf Capture 11.4.5 which includes support for tethered and portable Leaf SensorFlex technology for Leaf Aptus-II 12R, Leaf Aptus-II 12 and for the Leaf Aptus-II 12 for AFi/HY6. The version also enables Leaf Capture support for the Leaf Aptus-II 12 for AFi/HY6.

Leaf SensorFlex technology enables photographers to crop on the fly and cut down on a given file size by using only part of the CCD sensor. Using pre-defined dimensions, SensorFlex automatically crops the margins around the captures to preserve full image quality and pixel integrity. Currently, Leaf SensorFlex is the only solution on the market that offers square format 60MP resolution captures.

The latest version of Leaf Capture now empowers photographers of all Aptus-II 12 digital backs to match image dimensions to the requirements of each specific shot. Capture speeds, burst lengths and file sizes are all improved according to the image dimension chosen. Photographers can choose their cropping dimensions from four standard pre-set formats:
80MP Full Size
60MP 4X3
60MP 14X9
60MP 1X1

Leaf Capture 11.4.5 is free and available now for download from the Leaf website, at

For more information, visit the Leaf website at

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