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14th October 2010
Panasonic showcase Latest AG-HPX370 & AG-HPX371 P2 HD Camera Recorders at Wildscreen Festival

Panasonic Latest AG-HPX370 & AG-HPX371 P2 HD Camera Recorders for Natural World Filmmakers Showing at Wildscreen Festival This Week

Following Panasonic AV Systems Europe’s (AVSE) announcement earlier in the year about the latest P2HD AG-HPX370/371 P2 HD camera recorders, it’s a good time to look at the reaction from the industry and the professionals who have tested the camera in the field, examining some of the productions the new cameras have been used for.

At the time of Panasonic’s announcement of the highly anticipated AG-HPX370/371(1) camera recorders it was clear the company was pitching them at production experts seeking a system that could raise the bar in order to help them achieve new levels of production quality. The features and specifications of the latest additions to the Panasonic range reflected that too, with new state-of-the-art 2.2 megapixel 3-chip ULT(2) imagers on board aimed specifically at producing stunning HD content in a wide range of shooting conditions plus with F10 sensitivity(3), the image quality of larger imagers.

With a superior 10-bit, 4:2:2, full 1920 x 1080 resolution AVC-Intra codec, the AG-HPX37X series can record more image detail more accurately.  Ready for global production, the AG-HPX37Xs offered international HD and SD standards, including 1080i and 720p as well as industry-standard DVCPRO HD.  Data is recorded onto reliable P2 memory cards.

With its superb image rendering, long recording time, easy operation and flexible adaptability to IT, the AG-HPX37X series seemed set to deliver a powerful answer to today's advanced video production demands but it was only later industry professionals such as Philip Bloom got their hands on the cameras and put them through their paces.

For the past twenty years Bloom has been following his passion in a career that has taken him around the world to shoot some incredible footage in places he describes on his website he “has felt privileged to have seen”.  According to Bloom’s blog(4) it was March 2010 when he got the first chance to get hands on with the product and make a video review he describes as “purely an in the field, how was it to operate”. 

Using the 371, the world version of the camera recorder, Bloom who has worked for big names such as; Discovery HD, Five, Living, Sky One, posted two video reviews including the breathtaking ‘Pacific’, a movie captured during a drive from San Fran to LA.  According to Bloom’s review, he used the stock Fujinon lens, shooting mostly in slow motion to capture wonderful images of powerful coastal waves and shots of graceful birds riding shoreline air currents. Self proclaimed new breen cinematographer Philip Bloom commented around the review “Obviously I have become known recently as an evangelist for DSLRs, doesn’t mean I don’t shoot on full size video cameras anymore…far from it!” adding “Over half my work is still on full sized cameras, there is something so familiar and lovely about using one after a DSLR. All the limitations gone, nice and handy ENG lens, XLR inputs, headphone jack, proper viewfinder. The list goes on.” 

So it seemed the new Panasonic had been well received in the field and it was also clear Panasonic liked Bloom’s Pacific video.  So much so that they later showed Pacific to those attending the official launch of the Panasonic Pinewood Broadcast Experience Centre but don’t take our word for it check out Pacific today yourself.


  1. RRP: £8750.00 + VAT For further information about this new P2HD Camcorder, please contact your Panasonic Business Development Manager
  2. Ultra Luminance Technology
  3. F10 sensitivity in 1080/59.94i and F11 sensitivity in 1080/50i at 2,000 lx
  4. In an article posted Saturday, April 10th, 2010
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