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19th August 2010
Eye-Fi Makes Reviewing Photos on the iPad Instant with ShutterSnitch

Eye-Fi Makes Reviewing Photos on the iPad Instant with ShutterSnitch

For professional photographers needing to review work on the job, Eye-Fi would like to introduce third-party app ShutterSnitch, a quicker and lighter solution to this problem using Apple’s iPad.

Forgoing the need to carry around bulky equipment including a laptop, WiFi transmitter and DSLR WiFi-enabled camera, photographers can now depend on their iPad, an Eye-Fi SDHC memory card, a mobile wireless router and any digital camera which works with the card. This change of kit is approximately 2kg lighter and much faster.

Using the wireless router to create an ad-hoc network between the WiFi-enabled Eye-Fi card and the iPad, JPEG photographs can be uploaded to the ShutterSnitch app within approximately three seconds of taking the shot. This allows photographers to pass the iPad to models, the crew, art directors etc. to discuss the photos and make any necessary changes to set up on the spot. Once all parties are happy, photos can also be emailed using the iPad’s mail app, exported to Flickr, an FTP server, or edited by exporting to other photography apps.

The combination of Eye-Fi and Shutternitch marks a great opportunity for skilled amateurs too. If you want to use your iPad to view and manage recent photos, Shuttersnitch plus a Connect X2 card is a good combination.

Upcoming features for ShutterSnitch include support for RAW files and connection to an external screen. It costs £4.99 from the App Store.

For a demo on how to use your Eye-Fi card with the ShutterSnitch app, please visit:

Priced from £49.99 to £119.99, the Eye-Fi X2 range of cards is available from high street stores, including Jessops, Best Buy, Micro Anvika, Harrods and selected branches of John Lewis. Online, Eye-Fi cards can be purchased from sites such as and

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