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27th February 2010
PMA 2010 video report: GE's prototype X5 bridge camera examined
by Ian Burley
6874: PMA 2010 video report: GE's prototype X5 bridge camera examined

GE's digital camera ambitions continue to widen with the preview of their X5 prosumer bridge camera

Three or four years ago nobody had heard of General Imaging, a new camera brand licensed by the General Electric industrial conglomerate. But General Imaging has rapidly established itself as a camera marque with ambitions. It was one of the first camera makers to introduce features like face detection, blink detection, and smile detection. It even showed a GPS-enabled camera, although this was eventually shelved. General Imaging now has a respectable and competitively priced range of compact digital cameras, and PMA 2010 saw the company showcase its pre-production X5 bridge camera. The X5 has a 15x optical zoom, and optical image stabilisation, the effectiveness of which was being demonstrated on the booth.

We have a couple of short videos from the General Imaging booth for you; the first being a run through of the X5 prototype's features and the second looks at the X5 image stabilisation demonstration.

Next we have an X5 pre-production camera on vibrating platform to demonstrate the effectiveness of GI's image stabilisation system:

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