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28th September 2009
BODA announces new BODA Lens Bags

Embracing Change: Adaptation and Innovation in the New BODA Lens Bags

“All-in-all, I will have to give the BODA Dry Lens Bag the PhotoWalkPro Seal of Approval for delivering what it promised.”
“The BODA Dry Lens Bag Reviewed,” PhotoWalkPro, March 12, 2008,

In 2007, a small company named GoBoda introduced a series of lens bags that changed the photography industry. The brainchild of award-winning photographer Jim Garner and his interpretation of feedback from hundreds of working photographers, BODA lens bags were designed to provide photographers with a practical solution for quickly and easily accessing their equipment during a photo shoot.

In 2008, version 2 of the BODA bag launched with several enhancements, and the bags sold out. A cult following began to grow, and BODA bags started appearing in journals and blogs.

Today, the BODA lens bag has become a staple for many of the world’s leading photographers. Most camera bags are designed for storage—BODA bags are designed for activity, enabling photographers to focus less on their gear during a shoot, and more on the moment. Customers can’t say enough about how their BODA bags have improved their productivity at photo shoots.

“[Go]Boda takes a totally different approach with what they call a lens bag.”
Dave Bullock, “PMA08: BODA Lens Bags,” Wired: GadgetLab, February 2, 2008,

“Everything fit perfectly and the best part is that everything had its own place.”
MattK, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips, June 5, 2008,

Comfort, security and ease of use.
The BODA lens bag is an “active shooting” system created by a professional photographer for professional photographers. Its carefully considered design is fully weather-proof and includes easily accessible, accurately sized pockets for everything a photographer might need during an assignment: multiple lenses (up to a 70-200), flash equipment, media cards, batteries, cell phones, business cards (with a special BODA business card holder), paperwork, even a water bottle. The bag also comes with a retractable lens cleaner, and users can use the included shoulder strap or add a handy waist strap to fit their preferred carrying style. As a result, photographers have fast, single-handed access to their lenses and accessories while they actively capture images.

“The BODA Dry lens carrying system is by far my favorite bag of any kind that I've owned to date.”
Armin DeFiesta, February 20, 2008,

Introducing the BODA V3 Series.
Uninterested in resting on its laurels, the GoBoda team has been hard at work. After more than a year of intense, dedicated effort and a few challenges along the way, the next generation of GoBoda products launches this fall. Customers will be able to choose between the full-sized BODA V3 and the more compact BODA V3 Jr. These exciting new bags will raise the standards for quality, functionality and value to a new level.

The new BODA lens bags maintain all of the features that have brought them success, with a few key improvements that make them even more ergonomic, refined and durable:
•  Molding that will keep the bag more structured and shapely over time
•  New fabrics that provide increased durability
•  Stronger zippers
•  Design enhancements
•  New color options for those who want a little fashion

Why go down this road? Because the team at GoBoda is willing to go the extra mile to create the best product possible—in fact, they’re quite passionate about it. Now more than ever, people are looking for value, and GoBoda believes that constant improvement and innovation are necessary to create that value. They’ve listened to customer feedback, and worked tirelessly with the best manufacturers to find ways to make their products even more effective.

In addition, GoBoda will be launching a new product soon that will save on-the-go photographers both time and money: the BODA modular storage bag. This carefully constructed roller bag is the perfect solution for traveling: the lens bag fits right into it! Built-in safety padding protects expensive equipment, increasing its longevity, and customers can even add a special Therm-a-Rest® insert that “tailors” the bag to cushion their equipment perfectly. There’s no need to reorganize or repack—just stow, zip and go.

“I truly have had nothing but a positive experience with every aspect of my BODA.”
Matthew DeJesus, February 7, 2008,

What does a BODA bag represent? Invention. Innovation. Preparedness. Accomplishment. The freedom to be an artist. A better working day.

For more information on the BODA product line as it becomes available, visit the GoBoda blog at


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BODA announces new BODA Lens Bags

DPNow BODA announces new BODA Lens Bags
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