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19th May 2009
Picture of the Day - Tuesday 19th May 2009
by Ian Burley

La Chapelle royale in Château de Versailles, by PJPhoto

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Philip James Filia, or PJPhoto on the forum and galleries, is our featured photographer on the DPNow Picture of the Day, today. Philip is a pro photographer from California, but we tend to see more of his personal photography. A previous POTD from Philip was taken in Paris, and today's picture comes from the outskirts of Paris, at the palace, or Chateau, of Versailles. The grand building was first constructed in 1664 and was purported to be for the mistress of Louis XIV. Philip has captured the essence of the chapel, lining up a super perspective. The natural lighting is just right, too. This picture really makes me want to go and visit the chateau.

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