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8th May 2009
Picture of the Day - Friday, 8th May 2009
by Ian Burley

Park Life, by Slam

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Slam is our featured photographer on the DPNow Picture of the Day this time. This shot is one from way past in the DPNow gallery, back in February 2007. Some say that selective colour in mono images can be clichéd, but I think this is a good example of how it works well. Red is often the choice of colour, but here we have a shade of pink. The pink hues in the otherwise milky looking winter sky add a surreal feel to the scene. One wonders where the child and, presumably his or her father, are going and what they are thinking.

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Picture of the Day - Friday, 8th May 2009

DPNow Picture of the Day - Friday, 8th May 2009
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mib2 Re: Picture of the Day - Friday, 8th May 2009
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