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16th May 2009
Introducing YuuWaa, a new way to store digital data

Introducing YuuWaa – a new way to store digital data

Do you have an increasing number of digital photos, music and videos? Are you worried about losing your digital memories? Do you want to share your latest files and documents easily whilst on the move?

On 14th May 2009 a new way for people to store, backup and share all their digital data will be launched in the UK – it’s called YuuWaa.

YuuWaa is the first consumer storage product to combine a secure USB stick with online storage capacity meaning you can backup, access and share all your important data, music, videos and photos anywhere and at any time.

YuuWaa works by creating an online digital data universe where you can manage all of your files in one place which is accessed via an internet connection. The handy secure USB stick lets you carry the important files you need with you when you are on the go, whilst the web storage ensures that all your files are backed up, safe and will never be lost.

On 14th May Juana-Catalina Rodriguez, European Marketing & Sales Director for YuuWaa will be in the UK -  we invite you to meet with Juana-Catalina in central London, where she can provide you with a demonstration of the product, information on how it works and what makes it unique to the consumer storage market. You’ll also be able to take YuuWaa away with you, review it and use it for your own photos, music and videos.

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Introducing YuuWaa, a new way to store digital data

DPNow Introducing YuuWaa, a new way to store digital data
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