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11th December 2008
Olympus rebrands µ SW cameras as µ TOUGH series
5482: Olympus rebrands µ SW cameras as µ TOUGH series

A new name for a strong brand

Hamburg 9th December 2008 – Olympus, the company that introduced freezeproof, waterproof and shockproof cameras for active lifestyles to the mass consumer market in 2006, is now redefining the segment it continues to dominate. Beginning with the newest members of the line-up to be introduced in January 2009, these incredibly rugged cameras built to capture amazing images in extreme situations will be rebranded as µ TOUGH.

The new µ TOUGH brand will allow Olympus to continue the series’ reputation for incredible durability while introducing new innovations and benefits to the line. In addition, the name change will make the unique advantages of the series more recognisable and comprehensible to consumers. If it is not waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof, then by Olympus standards, it is not “tough”. This means that, thanks to the new µ TOUGH brand, the company can offer one or more of these unique features in other Olympus camera lines.

According to a recent study, many consumers in the market for a new digital camera list durability and weatherproofing as the most important features in a camera. The current line-up of µ SW cameras offers different levels of durability, providing customers with options that best meet their needs. The shockproof and waterproof models are ideal for adventure: they can survive anything from an underwater snorkel tour to a day with the kids at the playground. And for a trip to the most extreme mountain peaks or the darkest depths of a cavern, the freezeproof and crushproof µ SW cameras are the perfect partner to bring along to capture brilliant images of an unforgettable experience.

“Over the last few years, our tough µ SW-series cameras have increasingly impressed consumers with their combination of incredible durability and excellent image quality. They allow our customers the freedom to shoot in situations where other cameras simply wouldn’t survive”, says Miquel Angel Garcia, Managing Director Marketing at Olympus Imaging Europa GmbH. “Since some of our cameras even go beyond shockproof and waterproof – certain models are freezeproof and crushproof as well – we needed a name that was more reflective of the true nature of the SW series. The µ TOUGH brand lets our customers know what these cameras truly have to offer: strength that’s always ready to go, even in the most extreme conditions”.

Olympus continues to be an innovator, developing new technologies to expand the frontiers of digital photography. Olympus products set benchmarks for others to follow, enabling consumers to capture it all. The new µ TOUGH cameras will be available in January 2009.

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Olympus rebrands µ SW cameras as µ TOUGH series

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