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14th October 2008
Velbon Sherpa 750R tripod review
by Ian Burley
5307: Velbon Sherpa 750R tripod review


Overall, the Velbon Sherpa 750R is a reassuringly solid tripod that is compact and versatile. Itís competitively priced, too, though we found that its price did vary widely. The pan and tilt head wonít satisfy ball-head fans, though, and we donít see the point of the wind-up mechanism for the centre column.

But with these caveats in mind, the Velbon Sherpa 750R gets a DPNow Recommended award.

DPNow category ratings:

DPNow review rated: GOOD Design

DPNow review rated: GOOD Build Quality

DPNow review rated: GOOD Ease of Use

DPNow review rated: GOOD Value

DPNow review ratings explained.

Overall percentage rating: DPNow review rated 80%

DPNow review rated: 4/5 stars Overall star rating


Editor's choice award

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Don't forget our pictorial tour of the Velbon Sherpa 750R. Finally, there is a list of product specifications on page 4.

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