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30th July 2008
Bibble Labs announces Version 4.10.1 of Bibble Pro

Bibble Pro Version 4.10.1 Adds Nikon D700 Support, And Bibble 5 First Look

Updated versions of Bibble 4 have been posted on the download section of our website. This update includes support for the new Nikon D700, New lenses and addresses a compatibility issue with upgraded firmware on the Pentax K20D. Several other minor issues were resolved in this version, so we recommend upgrading (for free, of course) at your earliest convenience.

Bibble 5 continues to approach completion, and we've begun to expose more information about it. Please visit the Bibble 5 information page to see our new First Look video that shows a glimpse of the new interface in action.  The video shows just a tiny fraction of the great new features and power we're building into Bibble 5, but should give you an idea of the workflow benefits we have in store for you.

Bibble 5 was also recently shown at the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit as part of Eric Hyman's “Five minutes to WOW” presentation on multi-core performance.  Video from the event isn't yet available, but on the Bibble 5 page you can see a video recreation of the level of performance he demonstrated live on a 16 Core AMD System.  While Bibble 5 will run fast on any system, this video demonstrates the unmatched speed that is possible by combining Bibble 5 with the latest hardware.

Bibble 4.10.1 is available now in both “Pro” ($129.95) and “Lite” ($69.95) versions for Windows, Macintosh (PPC/Intel as a Universal Binary) and Linux. Visit for further details and to download a fully functional 14 day trial version. New licensees of Bibble will also receive a free upgrade to Bibble 5, once available later this year.

Bibble 5 will be released later this year.

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Bibble Labs announces Version 4.10.1 of Bibble Pro

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