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22nd July 2008
Casio introduces the stylish, slim EXILIM Zoom EX-Z150
Release Issued by Casio:


Features CCD-shift anti-shake function and a large 3.0 inch LCD display

DOVER, NJ, JULY 14, 2008 — Casio America, Inc. announced today the release of the newest model in its EXILIM® digital camera series — the stylish, slim EXILIM Zoom EX-Z150, which features a wide-angle zoom lens, a CCD-shift anti-shake function, a 3.0” LCD monitor and an 8.1 effective megapixel resolution.

The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z150 contains the features and functions needed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s digital camera users, all within a slim form factor.  The EX-Z150 comes complete with a built-in wide-angle 28 mm (35 mm film equivalent) and 4X optical zoom lens, at just .79” thick (.74”; at the thinnest section).

“This camera is the perfect accessory for the picture taking enthusiast as it is compact, attractive and comes equipped with face detection technology which is a popular feature,” said Bill Heuer, Vice President of Casio’s Digital Imaging Division. “The EX-Z150 stays true to the user-friendly features that have become standard to the EXILIM Zoom series.

To complement the slim, stylish look, the new EXILIM offers all the premium functionality you would expect in a much bigger digital camera, including a CCD-shift anti-shake function and face detection technology. It also features a large 3.0 inch LCD monitor, a first for the EXILIM series, making it even easier to compose shots and adding to the fun of viewing the images taken.

* As at July 14, 2008, for a digital camera with a wide-angle 28 mm equivalent 4X optical zoom lens. Based on Casio survey.

Available at retail in September,the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z150 will be available in silver and black, as well as colorful red, pink and green with an MSRP of $199.99.


  • 8.1 effective megapixel model for high resolution photography
  • Slim, compact size: 3.81” wide x 2.26” high x .79” thick (.74”; at the thinnest section)
  • 28 mm-equivalent wide-angle 4x optical zoom lens enables users to conveniently photograph scenes such as tall buildings or get shots of big groups of people in a small room, while still allowing zoom photography to capture distant subjects
  • CCD-shift anti-shake function for beautiful image quality, free from effects of camera-shake
  • Face detection technology that senses people’s faces
  • Large 3.0 inch, high resolution LCD monitor with 230,400 dots

Specifications subject to change without notice.
*1. When using Panasonic (Matsushita) Pro High Speed 1GB SD Memory Card.
*2. Within limits of memory and battery life.
*3. When using built-in memory.
*4. With built-in flash off.
*5. When set at maximum image size and normal image quality.
*6. Range is affected by optical zoom.
*7. Shutter speed range may be different depending on the BEST SHOT scene.
*8. Using optical zoom causes the aperture to change.
*9. F7.7 is the aperture when an ND filter is being used.
*10. SOS: Standard Output Sensitivity. REI: Recommended Exposure Index.
*11. Auto Mode, standard brightness monitor setting.

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Casio introduces the stylish, slim EXILIM Zoom EX-Z150

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